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What is Conscious Embodied Intimacy?

What if conscious embodied intimacy was the secret key to trauma healing, social transformation and building a more genuinely connected world?

What if we could learn to connect more deeply with ourselves and others to go beyond the superficial and move into spaces of vulnerability, trust, and authenticity?


But what is Conscious Embodied Intimacy? What does it involve?

This course and programme of sessions is ultimately about exploring the power of somatic (body-based) practices to cultivate intimacy (solo or with a partner) to awaken and deepen a sense of oneness and wholeness through the science-based strategies, and ancient tools and techniques of embodiment and meditation.


During the course we will investigate the power of mind-body practices to build intimacy, deepen connection, heal relationships, and enhance overall wellbeing. We’ll explore how to embrace pleasure and sensuality without judgment, and how to cultivate deep empathy and compassion towards ourselves and others.

We’ll consider how to holistically transform intimacy challenges including loneliness, mindful dating, break-up processes, erectile dysfunctions or premature ejaculation, loss and grieving and other difficult challenges life throws our way. We’ll also learn embodied relationship skills, strategies and tools to deepen physical expressions of intimacy.


The breathwork and meditation techniques included (but not limited to) are:

-       Box or square breathing

-       Breath of Fire

-       Star breathing meditation

-       Micro-cosmic orbit  

-       Central channel breathing

-       Body awareness meditation

-       Chakra breathing

-       Continuum/non-linear movement

-       Cosmic/energetic orgasm technique


I will also be guiding and teaching various other techniques from Mystery School traditions and Classical and Neo-Tantra lineages.


In addition to the theoretical learning outcomes, the course will also focus a lot on personal practice. The course will comprise of a series of sessions which begin with a grounding meditation, inviting participants to centre themselves in the present moment and connect with their breath. From there, we delve into practices that activate the chakras, the energy centres within the body, using intention, movement, breathwork, and sound.

Through gentle yoga asanas and shaking, we'll release tension and open ourselves to the flow of life-force energy, known as prana or qi. As the sessions progress, we’ll dive deeper into the exploration of sensation, cultivating a heightened awareness of our physical bodies.


Throughout the journey, we honour the principles of non-dual Tantra, which celebrates the union of opposites and the integration of shadow and light. Participants are encouraged to visualise and embrace their sexual fantasies, desires and vulnerabilities, recognising them as pathways to self-discovery and liberation.


Whether you are new to Tantra or a seasoned practitioner, this Conscious Embodied Intimacy course offers a space for deepening your connection to yourself and others, cultivating presence, and awakening the inherent wisdom of your body.


Join me and discover life-changing somatic practices and skills in the areas of embodied consent, somatic pleasure practices, conscious touch, open-hearted communication, and more.



Please note:


-       This course is NOT all about sex and you DO NOT need a partner

-       The course DOES NOT include sexual union with other persons

-       The course teaches empowerment through embodiment. The Tantric life is more about mindfulness, connection, and personal power

-       This course requires patience and open-mindedness

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