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Hello. I'm Mike.

I am interested in helping people find their inner power and freedom through Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) and trauma-informed yoga, breathwork and meditationtantra, somatic movement therapy and reiki

Located in East London, my goal is to provide you with tools and techniques to manage stress, reset and regulate your nervous system, and find a state of balance, peace and empowerment. I offer bespoke and personalised one-on-one sessions and group workshops in:

“Talking therapy wasn’t helping as much as I’d hoped. Mike’s manner is gentle and calm and the TRE® was introduced really slowly, putting no pressure on my body. I’ve let go of some emotions – and in one session even laughed.” - Mark J
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Learn how to harness the power of conscious embodiment.


I am passionate about being of service to others. My focus is on facilitating one-on-one or group sessions to help people learn therapeutic techniques of grounding, self-regulation and co-regulation to find inner peace and joy. 


By combining all of the ancient wisdom and knowledge passed down to me, I like to create safe, comfortable and enjoyable spaces for people to explore various tools of embodiment to find safety and freedom in their body. My goal is to empower people to learn the tools to navigate their inner and outer world and foster a sense of unity and community.



“Loved my sessions with Mike. I'll be back.”


“I couldn't recommend Mike more. Can't wait for my next session.”


“Mike has a genuine gift.”


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Tapestry Way

Whitechapel, London

E1 2GA

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