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Workplace Wellbeing

I believe robust wellbeing is inherently linked to the workplace, and I feel strongly about educating and empowering organisations and their employees to take control of their physical and mental health and learn helpful tools to embody a more balanced and fulfilling life.

I am committed to providing bespoke classes, seminars and sessions, including useful tips and takeaways to help organisations support their employees, from senior to middle management or specific teams and departments.

I offer an extensive variety of interactive and evidence-based wellbeing workshops, spanning TRE®, Breathwork & Meditation and Yoga

I take a positive and proactive approach to equipping employees with the skills and insight to boost wellbeing & performance.

I can facilitate a single workshop, or work in partnership with you to plan a longer programme, either online or in-person at your workplace.

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My Services



TRE® is a revolutionary yet simple and accessible modality to release accumulated tension and stress. promoting relaxation, and restoring balance by resetting your nervous system and natural protective reflexes. 


Using breathwork and meditation techniques in the workplace can significantly improve the wellbeing of employees and empower them to manage stressful situations and regulate their responses if or when bereavement, distress, conflicts or disputes arise. Combining both modalities will help individuals or teams find out what resonates for them to integrate into their schedules.


Yoga is a powerful tool for embodiment and physical fitness and wellbeing but also for mindfulness, focus and concentration. Classes can be a great way to bring teams together for a fun, shared experience and teach them tips to optimise workplace ergonomics.

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